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Music Instrumental Paino Robe"

My First Entry Into Journal

December 19/2006

From Dusty my cat

Well we are finally getting the courage to write and put together a journal.
We have seen so may do such wonderful writings but Rosemary
was always with out courage to give it a try until now.

She is planing on putting up little tree but she is hoping
that I Dusty will leave it in one piece as I am a very active three
year old cat and the man of the house who is boss.However I know I will show
her how this cat will have a good time with all those
pretty's on the tree. Oh BOY!Oh BOY!

We have the Christmas spirit in our hearts but am
now trying to put it into apartment LOL.She has been placing decerations
around little at a time so I will get use to them as we have not had them up in the
3 years while I grew up.I Dusty will prove her wrong.

Entry Jan 09/2007

Well quite a few days have gone by since I

started my new website here for my journal.I know
I have fallen behind
But that is just being me LOL.
Well the holidays were very good and I enjoyed them
all with family and friends and of course my cat Dusty.
However today I
had to get my neighbor to come and hang up some of
my pictures today as ""Dusty""
desided he did not want them hanging on the wall so pulled
them off there nails one after the other as he did not want
me to be typing on my computer and wanted some attention
that he got all right lol.
I repermanded him and then locked him in his kennel for half
hour as the vet told me to do when he gets to aggressive,
He is a very very good cat now lol.At least for the time
being Heeeee!Heeeee!This time we put tape on the bottom
of the pic to the wall see if that will
discourage him next time. ROFLMHO
Well I just had to write this bit about my man Dusty LOL
Must run for now hope to write more real soon in here.

Entry Feburary 20th/2007

My being accepted as a Royal Canadian Legion Member

I was initiated last night into the Royal Canadian Legion and received my pin.I was marched up to podium to received it escorted by the colored flag party.Then The president,vice president and second vice president and other officials marched past me and shook my hand and congratulate me.Then I was asked to turn and face all members to receive a standing ovation by all the executives and members. After witch the color party marched me back to my see and the meeting continued.LOL Now what this means is that now they put me to work for the legion LOL. They know that I can only do jobs as long as I am sitting down.So wont be asked to do more than I can handle.I had to make my pledge of elegance to God and to Our Queen as we are under her Sovereign.So I must say I am wearing my pin with pride.LOL

2006Rosemary Mc Lean